Vote like your daughter's life depends on it!

57 of Indiana’s elected Republican Legislators voted YES to forcing women and children to carry their rapist’s baby. ...are you okay with this?

Our Stance

MADWOMEN is a group of Madison and Jefferson County, Indiana activists, allies, and supporters of women’s reproductive health rights in Indiana.

Recent legislation passed in our state has restricted safe access to abortions, which we believe violates the rights of women state-wide and will drive more uncertainty, fear, and unsafe abortions across Indiana.

While not affiliated with any political party, we support those running for office that align with our shared values.

We are mad. And we’re looking for meaningful change.

This fight is about more than abortion access. Recently, 100% of Indiana's Republican congressmen VOTED NO to protecting patients' right to contraception & health providers' right to prescribe it.


Voting is the best way for us to effect change. It isn’t just our right – it’s our responsibility. We want local Hoosiers to engage in the political process to help ensure that the future of the majority isn’t determined by the few. Although national elections tend to monopolize the headlines, it is often local elections that have the biggest impact on our day-to-day lives.

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Find out how you can help the cause and help us to restore women’s right to healthcare. Need accurate and reliable information and materials to share with our community? We can help.



Help us reach more voters in Jefferson County. Your donations will help raise awareness, educate fellow Hoosiers on key issues facing our communities, and organize voters to build a stronger state. Your money will support initiatives in Jefferson County.

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Our efforts

We are a nonpartisan group of Hoosiers spreading awareness of how Dobbs (the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade) and Indiana’s subsequent anti-choice laws have impacted every person in our state.

We focus on education and outreach in support of women’s rights.